New Ham Workshop

San Diego ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) invites you to attend a “Get on the Air” workshop!

Second Saturday of Every Month, 10AM-Noon.

The workshop is conducted in central San Diego and the location changes from month-to-month.

Contact for the location of the next workshop.

Learn how to use your radio at the ARES Communicator Gateway Series:

San Diego ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) holds a workshop for those new to amateur radio. Experienced operators (“Elmers”) will help you learn to use your radio. You may attend even if you haven’t passed the exam yet, and with or without a radio (there are loaners available). If you’ve already bought a radio, bring it (and the manual) to class to learn how to use it.

Bring to the workshop:
1. Your radio
2. The manual for your radio (very, very important to bring the manual!)
3. The workbook from previous session (if you attended before)

For more information or if you plan to attend, please drop Rob, K6RJF an e-mail at