The CalZona Link

The CalZona link provides an open, interconnected link between San Diego and Imperial counties to the western Arizona area.

Nets are held Sundays at 6PM California time with Dave, KK6FLO as your net control station.

CalZona Link – Participating Repeaters

  • Mt. Laguna: 147.240MHz, + 600kHz, PL 107.2Hz 
  • Alpine 446.420 -5MHz PL 107.2
  • El Cajon 449.900 -5MHz PL 107.2
  • Mt. Woodson 145.180  -600kHz PL 107.2 
  • Black Mountain: 147.120MHz, + 600kHz, PL 103.5Hz
  • Smith Peak, Arizona (ARA): 146.680MHz, – 600kHz, PL 162.2Hz
  • White Tanks Mountain: 146.940MHz, – 600kHz, PL 162.2Hz – W7EX 
    • Part-time RF link to Smith Peak, CalZona Link
    • Linked for ECRA/ARA Net Sundays at 6PM California time.
  • White Tanks Mountain: 441.725MHz, +5 MHz, PL 100.0Hz – W7EX
  • White Tanks Mountain: 927.3375MHz, -25 MHz, PL 151.4Hz – W7ARA