9. ECRA Repeaters


K6RIF  Palomar mtn.
147.030 (+) P.L. 103.5 Hz. Encode / Decode.

KF6AJM  Palomar mtn.
447.800 (-) P.L. 88.5 Hz. Encode / Decode. HF / 2 meter / 70 cm. Remote base.

AA6WS  Rattlesnake peak
147.765 (-) P.L. 79.7 Hz. Encode / Decode.

K6RIF  Mt. Otay
449.980 (-) P.L. 88.5 Hz. Encode / Decode.

KA6DAC Monument Peak (Laguna Mountains) CA (Calzona link).
147.240 (+) P.L. 103.5 Hz. Encode only.

WM6Z Black Mountain (Glamis CA) (Calzona link).
147.120 (+) P.L. 103.5 Hz. Encode / Decode.
(Good Coverage for Imperial Valley and southwestern AZ)

N6LVR Monument Peak (Laguna Mountains) CA.
449.180 (-) P.L. 88.5 Hz. Encode/Decode With 2M FM Frequency Agile Remote Base.
(Good Coverage for Anza Borrego Desert State Park).

Calzona Link

Monument Peak and Black Mtn are part of the CalZona Link
The CalZona Link is a Cooperative between the (ARA) Arizona Repeater Association
and ECRA which includes K7LKL Smith Peak, (Aquila AZ)  146.680 (-) P.L. 162.2 Hz. and W7EX  White Tank Mountains AZ. 441.725 MHZ (+) P.L. 100.0 Hz.
During net times two other repeaters are automatically linked.
146.940 MHz (-) P.L. 162.2 Hz.
W7EX White Tank Mtns  User Linked: “CalZona” (ARA) This is a “long haul” UHF linking system that connects ECRA (East County Repeater Association) in San Diego to ARA (Arizona Repeater Association) in Phoenix, Arizona. Monument Peak in the Laguna Mountains is a connecting point for a 62 degree azimuth, 195 mile “Long Haul” UHF RF link to Smith Peak near Aguila, AZ and the same RF link connects Black Mountain 35 miles NW of Yuma (not too far from Glamis CA). From Smith Peak there is a UHF RF link to White Tanks 30 miles west of Phoenix.