East County Repeater Association

ECRA Meeting: Monday October 2nd, At Boll Weevil in Lakeside 

ECRA meetings are always held on the first Monday of each month at the Boll Weevil Restaurant. This is an informal dinner which starts around 5pm and quick meeting usually around 6pm. Located at 9741 Wintergardens Ave, Lakeside. Talk in is on the Rattlesnake Repeater with details found below in the repeater section.

New Skywarn Net In The Imperial Valley On The Superstition Repeater

Hey Folks, there is a new net on the Superstition repeater in the Imperial Valley. It will begin at 7:00pm every Tuesday hosted by J. Rollins KM6NUY.  

Who Are These ECRA Guys?

ECRA operates on a simple philosophy and that is one of openness. ECRA hopes to boost and support all Ham Radio organizations in San Diego with the intent of improving the community and growing a base of radio enthusiasts. ECRA partners with various radio clubs to achieve a goal of a large free network of repeaters for all hams to use and get involved in. In the spirit of amateur radio, ECRA repeaters are open and free of charge for all licensed amateur radio use.  Contact ECRA at [email protected]

CalZona Link

The CalZona Link is a joint venture with our friends at CORA radio club. Running from Mt Woodson to Phoenix Az, this link is a great way to stay in touch with friends and have coverage over the Southwest area to talk to your friends that have moved out of California. Join us Sunday nights at 6pm for the CalZona net. This net meets weekly and covers San Diego, Imperial and Arizona.  Our partners in Arizona are the ARA, Arizona Repeater Association. They have a superb network that covers all of the big sites around Arizona. They support the Arizona side of the CalZona link.

San Diego County ECRA Repeaters

Mt. Otay  449.980 -5Mhz Pl 88.5
Mt. Palomar Vhf 147.030 +600Khz Pl 103.5
Mt. Palomar UHF 447.800 -5Mhz  Pl 88.5
Rattlesnake Peak 147.765 -600Khz Pl 79.7
Rattlesnake APRS 144.390 KA6DAC -1
Laguna VHFCalZona Link 147.240 +600Khz Pl 107.2
Laguna UHFCalZona Link 449.180 -5Mhz  Pl 88.5

Imperial County ECRA Repeaters

Superstition Mountains 146.670 -600Khz Pl 103.5
Black Mountain  – CalZona Link 147.120 +600Khz Pl 103.5

Local Ham Activity

Skywarn Net Every Tuesday 7 Pm 147.030 Pl 103.5
SCARF Net Every Tuesday 7 Pm 146.265 Pl 107.2 Lyons Peak
CalZona Net Every Sunday 6 Pm See CalZona Page
ECARC Meeting Second Thursday Monthly 7 Pm El Cajon Amateur Radio Club
CORA Radio Group Our Good Friends CORA Association
PARC Meeting First Wednesday Monthly 6 Pm Palomar Radio Club


County Sponsored Emergency Communications Volunteer Website 

Net Control In Your Future?

If you said yes, well we have an opportunity for you! ECRA is looking for a net control station for the Sunday Night CalZona Net. ECRA needs folks to help run the CalZona net. Let us know at [email protected] and we will contact you to talk about the job. Support Ham Radio!

How To Get Involved

ECRA is looking for individuals who would like to be on the Steering Committee. ECRA has a very simple group of people who make decisions and get various tasks completed. There is no board of directors or other fancy things, just a group of people who are committed to seeing ECRA survive and thrive in the new year. We are looking for guys who might have WordPress experience or other administrative and computer skills. We also need folks to help with repeater projects and various advisory roles.  The Steering Committee meets monthly at Casa Machado restaurant and its usually a pretty fun time. Contact us on the [email protected] email address and give us your name and call!