Mt. Palomar Repeaters

Palomar Mountain is located in Northern San Diego County. Our repeater system is located on the Southern end of the range. The site elevation is aproximately 6,000 ft, with the antennas located on a 100 ft. free standing tower. This site is owned operated by American Tower Corporation (ATC).

The system covers most of San Diego County.

Mount Palomar
VHF System
147.030 MHz Plus
PL 103.5

Mount Palomar
UHF Remote System
447.800 MHz Minus
PL 88.5Hz
Local Area Autopatch, Link to WA6ZFT/CREST Site

HF/VHF/UHF Remote Base
Mount Palomar

220 Mhz System
223.980 Minus
PL 107.2

UHF-Remote 440 *
HF-Remote 10 meters FM *

HF Remote 6 meters FM *