Monument Peak, (Mount Laguna)

449.180 – Offset P.L. 88.5 Hz.  Encode/Decode With 2M Frequency Agile Remote Base.
Monument Peak, Laguna Mt Recreation Area, East of San Diego, CA. N6LVR

VHF Calzona System hub:

147.240 (+) Offset  P.L. 103.5 Hz. Encode Only. Monument Peak, Laguna Mt.  Recreation Area. KA6DAC
RF Linked to Calzona System. This Repeater is the Hub Repeater Linking Black Mtn (147.120)  and Smith Peak AZ. (146.680).

147.120 (+) Offset P.L. 103.5 Hz. Encode/Decode. Black Mountain, Imperial Valley WM6Z. RF Linked to Calzona System Full Time.

146.680 (-) Offset  P.L. 162.2 Hz. Smith Pk, AZ. RF Linked to Calzona System Full Time.

146.940 (-) Offset  P.L. 162.2 Hz. White Tanks mtn, Phoenix AZ. W7EX. Controlled Part time RF link to Calzona System into Smith Peak AZ.
*Linked  for ECRA/ARA Net Sundays 6:00 PM California time.

441.725 (+) Offset  P.L. 100.0 White Tanks mtn. Phoenix AZ. W7EX
RF Linked to Calzona System Full Time.

927.3375 (-) Offset is 25.0 MHz.  P.L. 151.4 Hz. White Tanks mtn, AZ. W7ARA.
RF Linked to Calzona system full time.

Note ECRA/ARA Check in Net every Sunday evening 6:00 PM California Time.  Dave, KK6FLO Net Control for the ECRA/ARA Net.

Monument Peak is located approximately 50 miles east of San Diego and has a summit at over 6,100ft. It overlooks virtually all of the Imperial Valley and San Diego County. ECRA’s repeaters are located in the concrete block vault along with many commercial two-way and microwave systems. ECRA operates two 70cm (440mhz) FM repeaters, and one 2m (144mhz) FM repeater, along with one 2m AX.25 Packet Node, from this site.
If you enjoy the Anza Borrego desert then this is a great addition to your radio repeater selections.